License Renewal Instructions

2021 License Renewal

Beginning with the license renewal for 2021, the license renewal period will be shifting to a two year period. For the 2021 renewal, a group of one-half of the licensees will renew for two years, and the other group of one-half for one year. All licensees who renew for 2021 will need 16 hours of CE, regardless of whether renewing for one year or two years.

• Licensees with a license number ending in an even number will renew for two years. The license expires on 12/31/2022.

• Licensees with a license number ending in an odd number will renew for one year. The license expires on 12/31/2021.

Once Everyone Has a Two Year License:

• A staggered system of license renewal will be in place so that one-half of licensees renew each year.

• CE can be taken at anytime during the two year period prior to license renewal.

• A total of 32 hours must be submitted to the Board in order to renew a license. This includes 24 hours of diagnostic / therapeutic and two hours of Professional Responsibility.

• The fee for license renewal will be adjusted to cover the two year period.

• Substantial penalties are imposed by state law for late renewals or late CE.

The 2021 Renewal Season opens on November 1st.

Step 1. Determine Eligibility to Renew On-line

Active License: You may renew on-line now if:

  • you are renewing as active,
  • have completed continuing education requirements (click here for requirements) by submitting proof of CE completion to the Board (please give the Board a few days to post your submission)

Inactive License:  You may renew on-line now if:

  • you are renewing as inactive

New Licensees: If you were first licensed in 2020, you may renew on-line now if:

  • you are renewing as active

Military / VA: Please see information below.

Changing License Status: If you are changing license status (active to inactive, or inactive to active), please contact the Board so that the on-line renewal can be configured to accept your renewal. Choose the “Changing Status” link below.

All Others: Please contact the Board.

Step 2. License Renewal Certificate

AFTER you renew, a renewal certificate will be available on-line for download. To obtain the certificate, wait 24 hours after renewing and go to this link: On-line Renewal Certificate

Step 3. Select  a Link

Military / U.S. Government:

Military & VA: If you are in the military or federal government service, please click here.


*For those that would rather renew by mail, click here.